Commissioned Erratico, 2022
Pine wood
2 elements 31 × 31 × 31 cm each

Atelier Hannes Egger, Lana - IT

L’ospite e l’intruso, LanaLive
Werkbank / Innenhof Thalerhof
Am Gries 20, Lana
may 2022

The Guest and the Intruder, the project developed between 2009 and 2011 in Ermanno Cristini’s home-studio, presents itself again for LanaLive, “displacing” the formula: Ermanno Cristini is the intruder together with other artists, Umberto Cavenago, Irene Fernandez Arcas, Serena Fineschi, Giovanni Morbin, Giancarlo Norese, Luca Scarabelli, Thomas Sterna, all hosted in the studio of Hannes Egger (Werkbank), in Lana. Hannes is the guest, but he is so in the double sense of the word in Italian - ospite - of the one who welcomes and also of the one who is welcomed.
Hannes is the host/guest because the intrusion is accomplished through the appropriation by the intruders of one of the main methods of his work: to do, by giving instructions so that the beholder do, in turn.
In fact, the intruders prepare the instructions for Hannes, who is responsible for carrying out the works, or to relaunch, transforming the realization in turn into new instructions.

So what is there to see in this exhibition? What are the works: the artists' instructions or their materialization? And who is the author: the intruders or the guest, who constantly appears in filigree behind the “things of art” indirectly and temporarily deposited by the various actors in the space of his studio? Is it Narcissus looking at the mirror or is it the game of building the mirror so that Narcissus can look at it, perhaps to discover that Narcissus and the mirror are the same thing? 
Certainly the work becomes the product of a dialogue, or rather it is the dialogue itself, and artistic practice resembles a double game in which roles are exchanged nourished by their continuous shifting, meeting, overlapping. At the center is the vertigo of the reflections of which nothing else can remain but what one sees, that is, the emptiness of the apparitions, or reveal the traces of complex themes such as those of the authoriality and the experiential nature of the work, outside its objective fallout.

The Guest and the Intruder (Der Gast und der Eindringling) Lana Live, Atelier Hannes Egger, Lana - IT