Ufficio di revisione antropica, con Giancarlo Norese, 2012
Office supplies at the Suzzara Prize Gallery

Installation at the Suzzara Prize Gallery, Suzzara, MN

(survey on Suzzara Prize)

Suzzar-one (con G. Norese), 2013, Photographic printing on aluminium support, 70 × 140 cm

Ufficio di revisione antropica

Ufficio di revisione antropica (indagine sul Premio Suzzara) is a work dedicated to the perception of the Prize, its reasons, its history and its identity in the territory of Suzzara.
It was created by Umberto Cavenago and Giancarlo Norese on the occasion of their participation in CASAMATTA, the 47th edition of the Suzzara Prize.
It was precisely from this territorial survey that the idea of designing the CM logo (Casamatta) comes to change the historic industrial brand of Officine Meccaniche. “This publication is an integral part of the project, together with the website www.premiosuzzara.it/ura, research in the archive of the Gallery of the Prize, video interviews, photographs, finds of books, documentaries, manuscripts, testimonies and miscellaneous materials.”

Umberto Cavenago e Giancarlo Norese